How To Achieve The Perfect Flawless Tan

How To Achieve The Perfect Flawless Tan

Achieving a flawless fake tan can sometimes be a struggle, we get it, but it doesn't have to be hard! We've listed our step by step guide to help you get that picture perfect glow you've always wanted. 

1. Shave/Wax.

We recommend not shaving or waxing for 48 hours prior to your tan. This allows enough time for pores to close and doing so will stop dotting from appearing.

2. Exfoliate.

Ensure to exfoliate skin 24 hours prior as this removes any old tan and dead skin. Doing so will also ensure that the tan is applied smoother, without any streaking or discolouration.

3. Moisturise.

Have you ever noticed that your elbows look 50 shades darker than the rest of your body? Yep - moisturise girl! We recommend moisturising right after your exfoliation (24hrs before tan) especially those dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles. 

4. Avoid Chemicals.  

On the day of the tan, avoid any moisture at all costs! Do not apply any creams, make up, perfumes or deodorant prior to your tan as this will effect the colour. 

5. Let It Develop.

Once your tan has developed (2hrs or more), ensure that your shower is no longer than 45 seconds with lukewarm water and without the use of chemicals e.g. body wash. The olive base colour will wash off and the tan will continue to develop deeper. DO NOT USE HOT WATER! This stops the tan from continuing to develop.

6. Taking Care.

Once showered, pat your skin dry. Do not rub skin with towel. To keep your tan smooth, moisturise daily as this will stop any patches from occurring and will maintain your natural glow!